1. Black Cat
    Durul Gence

  2. Vas-Y Voir
    Brussels Art Quintet

  3. Flowers Of Evil
    Suzanne Ciani

  4. Plastic Dance: Volume Two
    Various Artists

  5. Le Bête Noire
    Jean-Claude Vannier

  6. Werewolves On Wheels
    Don Gere

  7. Ikarie XB-1
    Zdeněk Liška

  8. Paint A Lady
    Susan Christie

  9. Tusk
    Guy Skornik

  10. Wize Music
    Denis Wise

  11. Oizzo No
    Roger Doyle

  12. 70% Paranoid
    48 Chairs

  13. Les Esclaves
    Popera Cosmic

  14. Valerie And Her Week Of Wonders (Valerie a týden divů)
    Luboš Fišer

  15. Les Nouvelles Structures Sonores Lasry-Baschet

  16. The B-Music of Jean Rollin 1968-1973
    Various Artists

  17. Neural Oscillations And Alpha Rhythms
    Ami Shavit

  18. Gökçen Kaynatan
    Gökçen Kaynatan

  19. Help, Help, The Globolinks!
    Suzanne Ciani

  20. Probes: Electricity
    Suzanne Ciani

  21. Les Chemins De Katmandou
    Serge Gainsbourg & Jean-Claude Vannier

  22. Probes: Hallowe'en
    Sean Canty (Demdike Stare)

  23. Zucca MC
    Various Artists

  24. Finders Kreepers Collection
    Various Artists

  25. Emma De Angelis
    Emma De Angelis

  26. Free Jazz
    François Tusques

  27. Science And Technology

  28. Buchla Concerts 1975
    Suzanne Ciani

  29. Visioni Sconvolgenti
    Bruce Ditmas

  30. Sounds Of The City
    Maria Teresa Luciani

  31. Valerie And Her Week Of Wonders (Valerie a týden divů)
    Luboš Fišer

  32. Le Avventure
    Gerardo Iacoucci

  33. Music, Wisdom, Love
    Don Cherry

  34. Fish Music
    Suzanne Ciani

  35. Tempo Di Demoni, Papi, Angioli, Incensi E Cilici
    Stefano Marcucci

  36. Gerry And The Holograms
    Gerry & The Holograms

  37. Silent Night
    Graeme Miller & Steve Shill

  38. The Moomins
    Graeme Miller & Steve Shill

  39. Alle Sorgenti Delle Civiltà (The Sources Of Civilisation)

  40. Set Fire To The Stars
    Gruff Rhys

  41. Set Fire To The Stars/Atom Bomb
    Gruff Rhys

  42. Arte Moderna
    Daniela Casa

  43. Come With Me To The Casbah
    Ganimian & His Oriental Music

  44. Les Demons
    Jean-Bernard Raiteux

  45. Langstrasse Zwischen 12 Und 12
    Bruno Spoerri

  46. One Summer
    Alan Parker

  47. L’Enfant Assassin Des Mouches Alternate Takes
    Jean Claude Vannier

  48. Shot To Pieces
    Spider King

  49. Ultrissima On The Junk's Moon
    Stabat Stable

  50. Don & Jon
    Don Cherry & Jon Appleton

  51. Mission Desire/Pleasure Pain Principle
    Jane Weaver/Tender Prey

  52. The Antwerp Killer
    Eric Feremans

  53. ¿Qué Sucede Con El Tiempo?
    Mecanica Popular

  54. Reportage

  55. Belladonna
    Masahiko Sato

  56. Tranceformer
    Geoff Krozier & The Generator

  57. In Alpha Mood
    Ami Shavit

  58. Luxury Apartments
    Dave Tyack

  59. Plastic Dance: Volume One
    Various Artists

  60. The Moomins
    Graeme Miller & Steve Shill

  61. Organ Calzone
    Tender Prey

  62. The Silver Globe & The Amber Light
    Jane Weaver

  63. Yellow Dust
    Bruce Ditmas

  64. The Amber Light
    Jane Weaver

  65. Aeonflower
    Paper Dollhouse

  66. Don't Take My Soul/Undisputed Heavyweight Champion Of My Heart
    Jane Weaver/Tender Prey

  67. Industrial

  68. Le Nouveau Jazz
    Francois Tusques With Barney Wilen

  69. Science Fiction Park Bundesrepublik
    Various Artists

  70. Whispered Visions
    Emerald Web

  71. The Silver Globe
    Jane Weaver

  72. La Maison Fille Du Soleil
    Francois Tusques & Don Cherry

  73. Lucien Goethals
    Lucien Goethals

  74. Abnormal Sensations
    Braen Raskovich

  75. Instruments Non-Électroniques

  76. Choreosonic Music Of The New Dance Theatre Of Alwin Nikolais
    Alwin Nikolais

  77. Danse Sacrale
    Various Artists

  78. Maléfices
    Pierre Henry

  79. Sovrapposizione Di Immagini
    Daniela Casa

  80. The Stargate Tapes
    Emerald Web

  81. Ding Dong Disques
    X Ray Pop

  82. Relic
    Emma Tricca

  83. The Electric Mountain
    Jane Weaver

  84. Ding Dong Dubs
    X Ray Pop

  85. Liberator
    Suzanne Ciani

  86. Music From Mathematics Volume Two
    John Robinson Pierce

  87. Music From Mathematics Volume One
    Max Mathews

  88. Son Of Octabred

  89. Evolutions
    Henk Badings

  90. Electronics
    Remi Gassmann

  91. SOS/The Sweet Decay
    Andrzej Korzyński/Awkward Corners

  92. Logo Presentation Reels 1985/Octabred
    Suzanne Ciani/Clone

  93. Tape Recorder And Synthesiser Ensemble

  94. Le Rose De Fer/Intiaani Kesä
    Pierre Raph/Jane Weaver

  95. Hommage Au Fromage/Hollingsville
    Bruno Spoerri/Massonix

  96. The Garden Of Mirrors/Supernatural Lancashire Volume Two
    Emerald Web/S. Mcloughlin & A. Cooper

  97. Tape Recorder Music
    Otto Luening & Vladimir Ussachevsky

  98. La Reine Des Vampires
    Francois Tusques

  99. Hallowe'en 1976

  100. Man Of Marble (Człowiek z marmuru)
    Andrzej Korzynski

  101. Malefices/The Bad Seed
    Pierre Henry & Alex North

  102. The Night Of The Hunter/The Blonde Witch
    Walter Schuman & Norbert Glanzberg

  103. Bell Book And Candle/The Reincarnation Of Isabel
    George Duning & The Brothers Candoli & Gianfranco Reverberi

  104. Il Conte Dracula/Le Viol Du Vampire
    Bruno Nicolai & Roger Roger

  105. The Innocents/Blood & Roses
    George Auric/Jean Prodromides

  106. Living Dead
    X Ray Pop

  107. The Cremator
    Zdeněk Liška

  108. Morgiana
    Luboš Fišer

  109. Sanctus Spiritus
    Kat Epple & Bob Stohil

  110. Mr. Ondioline
    Mr. Ondioline

  111. Don & Stevie
    Don & Stevie

  112. Knife In The Water
    The Krzysztof Komeda Trio

  113. Ilectro

  114. Karel Goeyvaerts
    Karel Goeyvaerts

  115. Musique Tashiste
    Michel Magne

  116. Pirate! The Dark Side Of The X
    X Ray Pop

  117. Lilith
    Bruno Spoerri

  118. Teddy Bär
    Bruno Spoerri

  119. Secret Enigma
    Andrzej Korzyński

  120. Man Chest Hair
    Various Artists

  121. Seven Waves
    Suzanne Ciani

  122. Xmas Pop
    X Ray Pop

  123. 1612 Underture
    The Eccentronic Research Council

  124. Strange Passion
    Various Artists

  125. Harmonitalk
    Gary Sloan And Clone

  126. In The Scare Shed

  127. Guide To Personal Happiness

  128. The Eft

  129. The Liftmen
    The Liftmen

  130. Possession
    Andrzej Korzyński

  131. Voices Of Packaged Souls
    Suzanne Ciani

  132. Lixiviation
    Suzanne Ciani

  133. K. S. Chithra
    K. S. Chithra

  134. Fascination
    Philippe D’Aram

  135. Luftwaffe Pond
    The Liftmen

  136. Requiem for a Vampire
    Pierre Raph

  137. A Box Painted Black
    Paper Dollhouse

  138. The B-Music Of Jean Rollin
    Various Artists

  139. Electro Rapide
    Jean Claude Vannier

  140. Roses Rouge Sang
    Jean-Claude Vannier

  141. The Watchbird Alluminate
    Jane Weaver

  142. Solla Solla

  143. Thai? Dai!
    Various Artists

  144. Electronic Rock

  145. Le Frisson Des Vampires

  146. Je Suis Vivant, Mais J'ai Peur De Gilbert Deflez
    Jacky Chalard

  147. Superman Supercool
    Jacky Chalard

  148. Jeunes Filles Impudiques (Schoolgirl Hitchhikers)
    Pierre Raph

  149. Twisted Words: Volume One
    Various Artists

  150. The Fallen By Watch Bird
    Jane Weaver

  151. Cloud Cuckooland
    Various Artists

  152. Sam Spence Sounds
    Sam Spence

  153. Natural Lancashire/Supernatural Lancashire
    S. McLoughlin/A. Cooper

  154. Stone
    Billy Green

  155. Stone EP
    Billy Green

  156. Dracula’s Music Cabinet/Science Fiction Dance Party Instrumentals
    The Crime Sound Orchestra

  157. Extrakugel
    Bruno Spoerri

  158. Flight 2
    Angelo Finaldi

  159. Horrific Child
    L'Etrange Mr. Whinster

  160. Science Fiction Dance Party
    The Science Fiction Corporation

  161. Gloria's Theme
    The Predicate Production Guild

  162. Midnight Massiera: The B-Music Of Jean-Pierre Massiera
    Jean-Pierre Massiera

  163. Spektrum Theatre Snakes

  164. Dracula's Music Cabinet
    The Vampires Of Dartmoore

  165. Minor White
    Emma Tricca

  166. Six Moons Of Jupiter
    John Hill

  167. Bonne Année
    Jean-Pierre Masseria

  168. The Holy Harbour EP
    Voice Of The Seven Woods

  169. Toolshed

  170. Voice Of The Seven Woods
    Voice Of The Seven Woods

  171. Paint A Lady
    Susan Christie

  172. Theme 504
    Jean-Claude Vannier

  173. L’Enfant Assassin Des Mouches
    Jean-Claude Vannier


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